Calgary Harvest is an organization dedicated to turning a fallen fruit problem into a local food solution.  Calgary Harvest started in 2009 with the harvest of a single tree.  From there it grew, with 100 trees harvested in 2010.  Since 2011, Calgary Harvest has operated on a community scale, with neighbourhood coordinators organizing harvests. There are numerous types of fruit grown locally in Calgary; including apples, pears, plums, cherries, and even apricots when the weather is right. The fruit is divided amongst volunteers, home owners, Calgary Harvest and community groups. Calgary Harvest is a sponsored project of the Permaculture Calgary Guild.

There are a lot of other organizations just like us in cities all across Canada. If you are looking for an fruit harvesting organization in your committee scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find links to some of our sister organizations.

Vision Statement

A future where Calgarians work together to embrace urban fruit.

Mission Statement

  • To build strong community by coordinating harvests to connect Calgarians through their urban fruit.
  • To create awareness of the abundance of delicious urban fruit.
  • To facilitate opportunities for Calgarians to creatively use urban fruit through education and skill building.

Organizing Committee

Currently our Committee is made up of 5 committed and long time volunteers of Calgary Harvest. The members include:

Adrian Buckley – Founder and Volunteer Organization

Kristin Chow – Volunteer Organization and Communications & Events

Vanessa Hanel – Communications & Events and Fund Development

Stacey McDougall – Treasurer and Secretary

Christina Pickles – Committee Chair and Fund Development (currently a PCG Board Member)

If you have any questions about our organization or if you’d like to partner with us, please contact us at If you are interested in volunteering or coordinating a harvest please connect with us through our  Volunteer page.

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